Frequent asked questions

  1. How can I get in touch with

    You can contact us through our email address or using the form in our contact section.

  2. How can I pay the citrus fruit?

    The orange, mandarin oranges, lemons and grapefruit orders can be paid by three methods:

    • Credit Card.
    • Bank / cash income transfer.
    • Pay after trial. Once you have tried the product and like it, you can make a bank transfer to the following account:

      BBVA: ES79 0182-0516-19-0201526002
      Beneficiary: Naranjas L’Hort de Montanya
      C/ Partida el Colomer, s/n
      46612 Corbera – VALENCIA

    Remember you can pay after trial and satisfaction with the product.

  3. On which days is the shipping?

    The shippings are on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  4. Which days does shipment occur?

    Shipments are made on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  5. How long does it take for the citrus fruit to arrive?

    The shipping company picks up orders on Mondays and Tuesdays to deliver them in 3 - 4 days.

    Oranges for these orders are not harvested until Monday or Tuesday so that they arrive freshly picked up from the tree. Oranges are harvested on the same day of shipment.

  6. Why are shipments made only on Mondays and Tuesdays?

    As delivery takes 3 - 4 days to arrive to its destiny, if we shipped orders from Wednesday, as delivery is not made on weekends, it would not arrive until next Monday. This would mean that too much time would pass by from the harvesting of the oranges until the delivery. This is why we prefer to make shipments only at the beginning of the week.

  7. How are oranges prepared for shipment?

    We harvest citric fruits from trees in the eastern coast of Spain just before preparing shipment. Then, we proceed to remove any dust and we introduce them in 15kg cardboard boxes. Last, we cover the box in order to protect oranges, and we hand it to the transport agency.

  8. How the delivery is made?

    Oranges, tangerines , lemons or grapefruits are collected on the same day shipping . Once the box is ready, we call the transportation agency to collect and pass to take you home directly.

  9. What time will come the order?

    The request must reach 3 - 4 days from the shipping and delivery time is during the day. We can not tell you a specific time, as it will depend on the route of delivery

  10. How do I sign the delivery note?

    The best way to sign the delivery note is indicating the ID and the date and time of delivery. This will help us control the delivery of the freight.

  11. What if after ordering the messenger arrives and there is no one at home?

    If when the courier arrives to deliver oranges no one is at home , he leaves a note indicating this has happened to make the delivery. In this article, the contact telephone of the freight area appears. When this occurs , it is normal when you can not deliver the order is left to try again the next day , unless the customer prefers to pickup the order for the freight.

    You may also unable to deliver the order, call you by telephone to finalize next day delivery. Or, if you request, you can leave the order to the janitor or a neighbor.

    "Important: Although citrus are another day in cast. There is no problem because they perfectly endure 15 or 20 days."

  12. ¿What if it has not been able to prepare my order?

    If for some reason we could not collect the oranges and we have not been able to prepare your order you will be notified by email that day.

  13. Is there a minimum of kilos per order?

    The minimum order is about 15 kg.

  14. How I can order?

    The order can be requested via e-mail or via our website: If you do it through the mail, you can write to info@familiaserra.euIf you choose to do it through our online store, just choose which box of oranges, tangerines, lemons or grapefruits you want, click on the 'buy' and follow the simple steps listed you.

  15. Is there a schedule for ordering from the web?

    No time to place orders from the web, but if you make the order we ship the days can choose to send it out that day as long as you do before 12pm. Since that time you can not select that day. Eg if it's Monday and you want us to send your order today and you can do so by 24:00. Since that time you can only select Tuesday as the first day for shipping. If it's Tuesday and you want us to send your order the same day, you can select this Tuesday until 24:00. From that hour the first day available for selection sending your order will be the following Monday.

  16. Can I apply the periodic sending of one or more boxes?

    Of course. You can contact us (via email ) and indicate the frequency of such shipments . We will take note and send orders on the date you specify.

    You will also have a private area where anytime you can repeat the same orders with a few clicks. When making your first order have a username and password to enter your private area , right there can check the last order you did and repeat , without going through the process of choosing box.