Preserved citrus

Preserved citrus

Our syrups are handmade. They are produced with freshly picked citrus fruits from our own farm L’Hort de Muntanya, clove and sugar, which is a major energy supply for our body. It has a very high amount of fibers and is very rich in vitamin C, perfect for use before sport.

Since the main ingredient of our syrup is fruit and it doesn’t go through any chemical thickening or colouring process, it is food that can be perfectly incorporated in our daily diet. However, it has a high sugar content which results in that you should consume it in moderation.

Directly from the tree to your table, the sweetest way!



  • Preserved Orange 305g

    Preserved Orange 305g

  • Preserved Lemon 305g

    Preserved Lemon 305g

  • Preserved Blood Orange 305g

    Preserved Blood Orange 305g