Melon is a fruit that should always be eaten at its right point: sweet without being too ripe, with consistency without being too smooth. Our melons are of the variety of 'piel de sapo' (toad skin) and our brother-farmer in Murcia searches every day the melons that are ready and sends them direct, from the plant to your houses.

Our melons have absorbed the plant all its flavor until the day of its shipment. They do not pass through any chamber or receive any treatment or wax for conservation.

The melons you will receive come from the Finca Macatela. Fuente Álamo. Melon of Murcia. The box contains 3 melons (each of 4kg). Approx. Total weight: 12kg.

International shipping costs included. Discount per second pair box of 10 euros: the second box has discount of 10 euros, the third box not, the fourth box yes and so on.

Not available (off-season)