Purchase warranty

Our selling policy is clear and simple: in FamiliaSerra.eu we trust in the quality of our product. Therefore you can pay after receiving it and trying it.

What does this mean? If after receiving our box of citrus you are not satisfied with their quality you can call us (within the next 72 hours after receipt) and request that we pick it up. This is completely free of charge. Moreover, if you prefer the substitution of the box with a new one, you can do it without any extra costs.

Any complaint can be made via email to the address a info@familiaserra.eu.

The parties submit, as a choice, for the resolution of conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the domicile of the user. 

We take care of our citrus fruit as if they were part of us. We do not use chemicals or refrigerators in order to make them mature faster. Our oranges, mandarin oranges, pomegranades and lemons ripen only on the tree under the sun heat. The day after receiving your order we pick the oranges and ship them. This way, you get freshly picked up fruit at home. Just as if you had picked them up yourself from the tree to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean flavour.

"Each piece of fruit is selected, and depending on its size and shape, passes through a filter to select the best citrus fruit for you.".