All these varieties of oranges are served exclusively within their respective growing season, because our service is based on offering only freshly picked oranges and ripened on the tree, grown in the sun and natural light in Spain. Thus, the fruit does not go through cold rooms and comes completely natural to your destination. For this reason, the amount of orange juice is twice as those sold in the market, besides having more flavour.

Oranges for juice and table have the same quality and come from the same orange. The only difference lies in their size or on your skin. The juice intended to have less to table or the same size, but with less beautiful skin size.

Table oranges Category II are like table, but as your skin is not as pretty, they have a cheaper price.

The boxes are wooden and weighing 400 to 800 grams, depending of 5, 10 or 15 kg. That weight is included in the total weight of the box.

The indication of prices per kilo about is because the embedded process is manual and can never fix the weight exactly in the 5, 10 or 15 kilos. We always try to pass that weight to offset the weight of the box.

In L'Hort of Muntanya we offer oranges at home, natural oranges grown in our own field. Oranges irrigated with fresh water from our own well. Authentic Valencian oranges, because our field is located in Corby, in the Ribera Baixa of Valencia, which is one of the best areas of Spain for the cultivation of this citrus. Oranges are grown in a traditional way. Oranges handled with care in order to not damage their collection. Orange without chemical treatments used for aging, colouring or conservation.

In summary, natural oranges from the tree to your home.