12 healthy benefits of grapefruit

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Our protagonist of today is grapefruit. This powerful citric has been used since antiquity to combat conditions of excess of uric acid in the body, osteoarthritis or rheumatic. Its great beneficial properties for the health make us consider grapefruit as one of our natural allies to feel better day by day.

12 beneficios saludables de los pomelos

Grapefuit contains approximately 88% water, carbohydrates and little fiber. It is excellent for slimming diets because of the citric acid it contains. And because we don’t like to tell you only about its purifying properties, we share 12 healthy grapefruit benefits that we consider as the most relevant ones:

1.       Grapefruit prevents and relieves symptoms of flu and cold.

2.       Grapefruit has diuretic and antioxidant properties.

3.       Grapefruit prevents constipation.

4.       Grapefruit strenghtens the body’s cells.

5.       Grapefruit prevents anaemia.

6.       Grapefruit decreases hypertension.

7.       Grapefruit lowers cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood.

8.       Grapefruit improves states of insomnia.

9.       Grapefruit reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

10.   Grapefruit has antiseptic properties.

11.   Grapefruit stimulates the immune system.

12.   Grapefruit improves the health of the skin.


Cesta de pomelos y naranjas en nuestros campos


And to finish we tell you one of the curiosities of grapefruit that strikes us the most… did you know that extracts of grapefruit seeds can be used as a natural antiseptic? It prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria and viruses. It can be very useful if you suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, to eliminate intestinal parasites, to treat burns, warts or to prevent caries and strengthen gums.

Now that you know about it, you can take advantage of all these healthy properties provided by grapefruit. And remember, the best way to consume it is in the natural way!

We also recommend you to try to mix it with orange juice. The result is an explosion of freshness and flavor! We are looking forward to your opinions! :)








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