• Homemade syrup of honey and lemon to combat the symptoms of a cold

    During the last weeks the cold arrived with force! And as usual around this time, colds don’t wait to cause their ravages in many of us: sore throats, snot, nasal congestion, cough… Because of this, we recommend a recipe to prepare a homemade syrup of honey and lemon against cough and to combat the symptoms of colds.

    A good friend of the family told us that she was using our lemons to prepare a homemade syrup against colds. “Very much to my regret”, she said to us, “because I would rather use them to prepare a daiquiri, but the daiquiri does not take away my cough”. And she is absolutely right, apart from using the lemon for its aroma and taste, in what other ways can we consume it? Her comment made me think that many times we consume food because we like it, but food also has excellent properties that we do not know how to take advantage of.

    The recipe for homemade syrup based on honey, lemon and ginger, was recommended by a biologist and nutritionist. In addition to the antiseptic, expectorant, antioxidant and antitussive propertiesthe syrup is finger-licking good! And as we are faithful to everything natural, we have pointed it out.

    Below we show you the ingredients of this homemade syrup, for those wo are going through the horrible symptoms of flu and cold.


    Ingredientes para preparar jarabe casero contra los síntomas del resfriado.: jengibre, miel y limón.

    Ingredients to prepare homemade syrup against the symptoms of a cold.


    We grate the ginger and put it in a cup. Then pour boiling water, cover the bowl with a dish and let it stand for 20 minutes approx. After 20 minutes, add the lemon juice and honey to taste.

    Note: if you don’t want to grate the ginger, we can cut a couple of thin slices and boil them for 10-15 minutes. Then add the lemon juice and honey.


    If you want to have this remedy at home always, without having to prepare it every time, we recommend you this:

    Put the ginger, that is cut into julienne, in a jar with lid. Put the lemon slices on top of it and cover it with honey. Cover the jar (any jar of preserves is valid) and store it in the fridge, where you can keep it for about two months. When we want to prepare the infusion, we only need one or two teaspoons syrup and hot water to add to the syrup.

    In addition to the syrup, there are two essential elements to better the symptoms of a cold: lots of water and many pampering. 😉

    Cheer up and recover!

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  • I even eat the peel

    Normally, when you use oranges for dessert or to drink, it’s habitual to throw away the peel. However, did you know that there is a big amount of benefits you should not miss?

    You can use the peel  for a natural medical solution at home for its many healing properties. Use it in desserts, drinks or meals or even as atmosphere creator or as an insect repellent!


    Orange peel as a remedy for health




    The orange peel has various benefits for your health:

    • Stimulation of digestion. Take an extract to relieve stomach or intestinal problems.
    • Against infections. The orange-peel is rich in natural antioxidants (vitamins A, like all fruits and vegetables with an orange color, and, of course, vitamins C) which stimulate a proper functioning of the immune system and futhermore fight against infections.
    • Helps to bring down cholestrol. The orange peel contains a type of flavonoid with large properties to metabolize the fat in blood and reduce it to facilitate the removal.
    • To lose weight. Because of its ability to stimulate the removal of fat, an orange peel infusion is recommended to add to the diet.


    The healthiest:

    How do I get infusions of the orange peel?

    cuales son los beneficios de la cascara de naranja


    It is so easy to get infusions of the orange peel. Grate the orange peel and put in water (only use a half tablespoon, which is sufficient to an infusion). Let it simmer for five minutes and rest for three minutes. And there it is!

    cuales son los beneficios de la piel de naranja


    In the summer you can add some ice cubes, a little bit minced or raw cinnamon or a bit honey if you like it sweet. Fresh, healthy and delicious.


    cuales son los beneficios de la cascara de naranja


    The most gourmand:

    How to use the orange peel for dessert?

    If you want to take advantage of the properties of the orange peel and if you love chocolate, we recommend our Delicacies of Oranges and Chocolate, handmade prepared and based on the natural orange peel and dipped in cocoa. It is like a treat, but much more healthy! 


    Delicacies of Oranges and Chocolate – Familia Serra


    Candied orange or orange in syrup is another sweet way to use an orange peel. You can eat it like this or add sugar or chocolate. You can also use it to decorate desserts or to soften stronger cheeses and give them a special touch.

    la mejor naranja cáscara de naranja, piel de naranja, corteza de naranja, naranja en almibar


    Orange marmelade also contains peel.  We can emphasize that for making jam you can use the crushed peel beside the pulp, but you also can do it in a more elaborate way, like Orange Marmalade in the English Style. In this type of marmalades, the peel is cutted in fine elongated pieces, resulting in a more gelatinous jam.

     You should be aware that the oranges you chose to candy are natural and have the best quality, both by the thickness of the peel, its level of bitterness and the thickness of the white part of the orange. To be natural, like ours, avoid ingesting preservatives or additives or remains of chemical processes.


    beneficios de la cascara de naranja


    Orange peel at home

    Orange peel is also used as a natural atmosphere creator. Together with cinnamon it will have a formidable smell.  Empty the peel of its soft remains, cut them into small pieces and let it dry on a plate, while it gives odour to your come.

    la mejor naranja cáscara de naranja, piel de naranja, corteza de naranja

     It also seems like the orange peel functions as an insect repellent. The peel contains a compound that has insecticidal properties which you can keep your house free of mosquitoes. If so, it will be a good alternative to the harmful chemicals that can harm childeren or your pet. We haven’t tested it yet, lets see if we dare tonight!


    la mejor naranja cáscara de naranja, piel de naranja, corteza de naranja

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