Does the rain benefit or harm the oranges?

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We know that water is essential for agriculture and therefore rain is vital for the cultivation, but many times we hear that rains has damaged the fields. How does water affect citrus fruits? Does rain benefit of harm oranges?

It is clear that water is essential for the cultivation, it also helps to increase the caliber of citrus, but as long as it rains at the right time and in the right amount.

In case the rain is persistent it can harm the oranges, by producing fungi and by weakening the tree and fruits.

Agricultures always are in expectation of the rain, not only because it damages the harvest, but also because after having rain for many days without stopping, the citrus can not be harvested immediately. You have to wait until the moisture disappears and both the oranges and the trees dry, because there could be problems with the fruit.

What happens if citrus is harvested after persistent rainfall?

If citrus is harvested after many days of raining without stopping, although they apparently look good, the inside is said to be “watery”. It may be several days before it is found that the fruit is damaged, because neither the oranges nor the tangerines show any signs of problems. After 3 of 4 days the peel starts cracking and staining, and the fruit begins to rot.

Therefore it is not advisable to collect and send the citrus if they are not completely dry, because when they are arrived at home, they will start to spoil and rot all at once.


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