How many times per year do lemon trees flower?

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The mountains are magnificent

But the modesty of the field feeds us

Valeriu Butulescu

At FamiliaSerra we like to approach people to our field, because here we are picking our citrus fruits by hand with a lot of love to bring them directly to your homes.

Today we want to give special attention to our lemon trees which, contrary to orange trees that only give fruit once a year, can give lemons several times a year. Incredible, isn’t it? For this reason, it may be the case to simultaneously find ripe and big lemon trees with small and green lemons  that are beginning to grow.

The difference is worth seeing. In this way, LaMejorNaranja realises, in case of lemon trees, several harvests per year. Meanwhile the orange trees can be harvested only one season per year. When they are harvested, they won’t come back before the next season starts.

We can say that the lemon trees are sort of having a continuous blooming time, because next to  grapefruit, it is the most tropical citrus, by which you can play with the risks of keeping the fruit in the tree for the whole summer. Being the most tropical, it is a specie of citrus that is the most sensive to cold.

Another benefit of the lemon tree is its precocity in production. Two years after we planted them, they are already almost in full production, unlike orange trees, which take a few years more.

At LaMejorNaranja we carry out pruning every year. Lemon trees usually have large boughs that grow vertically and don’t bear fruits. These boughs have to be pruned, since they have spikes and gain a lot of height. This work is important, because the trees that aren’t pruned blossom abundantly, but later on they become unmanageable.

Performing all this work correclty, we will have some exquisite and healthy lemons all year round at FamiliaSerra!



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