Kaki persimmon flan

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Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the kaki season and that it is a quite unknown fruit that more and more is getting to be a booming market, we propose a recipe to get the most out of this fruit that is so sweet and full of beneficial properties for  our body: kaki persimmon flan.

Like always, the most important thing when preparing a recipe with fruits or vegetables, it is essential that they have a good quality and are freshly collected to be able to enjoy its authentic and natural flavor. To elaborate this flan, we recommend the Kakis Persimmon Ribera del Xúquer freshly harvested.


  • 400 gr. kaki perssimon.
  • 550 gr. milk.
  • 200 gr. cream.
  • 100 gr. sugar.
  • 2 packets of curd.
  • Liquid caramel.


We peel and cut the kaki. Put it in a blender jar and crush until it has the consistency of a puree. Put it aside.

Then we poor the cream and the milk in a casserole, we add the sugar and we heat it on medium-slow fire without stirring constantly. Then we add the curd and bring it to a boil.

Finally, we add the mashed kaki persimmon that we previously set aside and stir it well until all the ingredients are well mixed.

Remove it from the heat and pour it into the molds. You can use a large mold, or if you prefer, you can also use individual molds, according to your taste of the final touch that you want to give the dessert.

In any case, we use one indistinctly, we have to sprinkle them previously with liquid caramel.

Let the temperature drop a little, and when it is tempered put it in the fridge.

Final touch: we can choose some ‘vintage’ molds to serve the flan directly on those. Before serving, sprinkle a little cinnamon or some sugar on the top and burn it with a cutting torch. You will have an original and delicious kaki flan!

Source of the image: http://www.sugaretal.com/


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