Mango and mandarin smoothie

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Smoothies are very healthy drinks that we can prepare with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, (spinach, arugula, carrots…) or good combinations of them. It is usual to add milk, yogurt, cream, sugar… to make it more tasty and complete. These shakes give us vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, healthy fats and help us to hydrate. There are a lot of combinations of ingredients to make a smoothie with, but it is really important to select some fresh ingredients, so they can benefit us with all their properties.  Today we propose a smoothie with two kinds of fruit: mango and tangerine.

This shake is very rich in vitamin C and beta-carotenes. Perfect to increase defenses and cope with colds. Ideal to take along with supplements or foods rich in iron, since vitamin C favors the absorbtion of this mineral.

You  need ingredients that help thicken the smoothie, which provide creaminess so it has  the right texture. If we add more milk we get a more liquid smoothie. If we add more yogurt the smoothie will be more dense.

Early tangerines are ideal for preparing this type of shakes, because they are seedless.


  1. Peel and chop the fruit. If we want the smoothie to be fresh, we can freeze the chopped fruit.
  2. Pour the chopped fruit into the blender. The ideal is to prepare this type of shakes in a glass mixer to make it more comfortable but if you don’t have one, you can use a traditional blender or a chopper.
  3. Add 1 glass of milk, can be vegetable milk (soy, rice, almond, coconut…)
  4. Add 1 natural yogurt to provide creaminess.
  5. Sweet it with honey. You also can flavor it with vanilla or chopped mint leaves.
  6. Shake until all the ingredients are well mixed and crushed.

NOTE: to enrich the smoothie, you can add some ‘superfoods’ with high nutritional properties such as bee pollen, spirulina, wheat germ, flax seeds, Goji berries, or pure cacao powder.

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