To sleep well… orange tree leaves!

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For a long time we have been talking about the large amount of benefits that citrus fruit and its flowers bring to our health. Today we want to conduct research into other virtues of orange trees: the great properties that their leaves have. Yes, you heard that right. The leaves have an unmistakable aroma and very effective substances to win the battle against nerves and insomnia. The chance exists that a lot of you have grown up watching your grandmothers use orange leaves to relax and initiate sleep before bedtime. They already knew the perfection of the medicinal purposes that these infusions own.


Para dormir bien, hojas de naranjo

The preparation is very simple. You only have to boil the fresh leaves for five minutes. The flavor can be a bit bitter, so you could add a little bit sugar or honey with a some mint. Yes, you should use a larger amount than with orange blossoms, because the concentration is lower. Its sedactive and hypnotic properties are perfect to fall asleep and calm nerves accumulated during the day.

In fact, orange tree leaves have the same properties as the flowers of orange tree blossom, with the difference that the leaves have them ready throughout the whole year.

Once you made the infusion, the ideal is that you take it half an hour before you are going to sleep, to have the best result.  


Other healing powers
The leaves have some effective substances that help to improve our health, especially digestive problems of all kinds (generated by poor digestion, gases, stress, etc.) But it also provides a solution in cases of epilepsy and hysterical situations when the heart beats too fast, or when we need to strengthen the immune system or reduce fever.

With the same efficiency, they calm headaches caused by stress and can even be used in cases of flu, congestion and sore throat. They are even helpful for those who have children that have lost appetite, in this case it is the best to give them an infusion in aid for several days.


Para dormir bien, hojas de naranjo

At LaMejorNaranja we do not get tired of emphasize the countless benefits that citrus fruit and its tree own, a pleasure that provides us with a better quality of life and health in shape.


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