Raf Tomatoes

Raf Tomatoes

Raf tomato is a "traditional" tomato that stands out for its incomparable sweetness and for being an extraordinary  tender and fleshy fruit. It is considered the "pata negra" of the tomatoes because of the consistency and the exquisite taste of its meat. Having it at the table means having the possibility of tasting the true tomato.

Our tomatoes drink the flavour and substance from the plant until the day of its shipment, until they are truely ripe and ready to be tasted. They do not go through any camera or receive any treatment or wax for conservation. 100% natural like all our fruits.

You can choose our box of 3kg for 36€; our box of 5kg for 48€ or our box of 10kg for 71€. Have a delightful salad!

International shipping costs included.

  • 3 kg box