Chosen the best Food Online Store in Spain 2012/2013

Thank you to all Spanish consumers for your affection. You are great!

We have been together many years and we have always appreciated your support and trust. Once more you have shown you care and we wish to thank you.

Thank you to your support we have been awarded with The Best Food Store in Spain 2012/2013 prize.

This award is an acknowledgement to people that trust sus, that is why we commit to continuous improvement and get to your house the best Valencian orange with the freshest and most natural flavour.

Thank you for always being there.

Thank you for trusting us.

Thank you from the Serra Family.

In 2002 we decided to embark on the online world: our oranges were not marketed anymore through intermediaries, but we started to ourselves our orange, mandarin orange and lemon boxes.

It was a risky decision, but we had a clear objective: move our Valencian oranges and mandarin oranges closer to any part of Spain. This way, anyone who wished to taste the flavour of the fruit of our land could do it without any problem or cost. Right now our objective has developed, and we have decided that Valencian oranges and mandarin oranges should cross borders in order for other European countries to also enjoy this sweet and natural nectar cultivated under the sun of Spanish lands.

From the beginning we have listened to out customer, we have learned and adapted. Evolution is the word that best defines us.

We like offering personal service and offer you the best. This is why we give you the opportunity of making a personal visit to our fields, plantations, our history…

"You are no tour client, you are one of us and that is why we take care of you."