Special packages of citrus fruits and homemade sweets that we prepare most of the times from our oranges. All our products are 100% natural and prepaired according to the family recipe. The authenticity and freshness of our products can also be tasted on our sweeties. This brings an excellent quality to all of our sweets. Try them and make your week happier! 

When you add a second or third box to your shopping cart, you will receive €10,- discount per each additional box. This means that if you buy 5 boxes, you will get a discount of €40,- (almost) a free box! We invite you to try different combinations in your shopping cart. The discounts will be reflected automatically.

  • 1kg Kiwis (only 1kg allowed per each orange box)

    1kg Kiwis (only 1kg allowed per each orange box)

    out of season