From the Tree to your home

Until 2002 we have always sold our oranges at a fruit merchant, who was responsible for putting them on the market. This is the method followed by all farmers to distribute their products, but throughout this process oranges lose quality when going through cold storage rooms and are subjected to treatments for preservation and staining. We realized that it was possible to simplify this process and distribute our orange much more direct way, so that our customers can take full advantage of all the properties that have the freshly picked fruit tree. So we got rid of intermediaries and wanted to be ourselves who do the entire process, from picking fruit to sending it to its destination. Currently we perform this process without using any chemicals for preservation or any artificial additive for coloring. In this way we were able to offer our customers the product in the most natural and healthy way, with his actual appearance and all its quality and taste.

Our goal is to offer 100% natural Valencia oranges without chemical treatments for aging, coloring or conservation.

"The oranges ripen on the tree in a natural way and collect from our fields just prior to delivery. So you can have freshly picked orange tree brought directly to your house."