FAMILIA SERRA (get to know us)

The tradition of a family

My name is Luis Serra and I am a grower. For various generations our family cultivates oranges on the sunny fields of Corbera, a small locality in Valencia, Spain.

The family tradition of growing oranges, mandarin oranges, lemons… Since our childhood our parents handed over their passion for the fields, a tradition that runs through the family and that makes us feel the passion for agriculture as our own distinguishing mark.

A family business that has passed on from generation to generation and still maintains its original values. Our passion for Valencian citrus makes us improve every day. This is why a decade ago we decided to stop working with intermediaries and other obstacles that made our product more expensive and also made the quality worse. This allows us to offer oranges freshly picked from the trees and bring them directly to your table, with no chemical processes or preservatives. The best flavour of freshly harvested fruit. 100% guaranteed freshness!

Globally recognized flavour

Valencian oranges are globally recognized by its flavour, and excellent quality and our fields are located in one of the best areas of Spain for growing this type of fruit. Our family and team has grown during the past few years, always keeping in mind every detail of our product in order to maintain the quality that has made our region and our citrus fruit so well known. We know that the buying process does not finish when the fruit arrives at your home, but when you show your satisfaction when you know that you have made the right choice and you trust us. Only those who have tasted the flavour of fruit freshly picked up from the tree that still preserves its aroma know what we are talking about.

Due to all of these reasons, our objective is to offer our product and services in the most comfortable and simple way possible, so that you can enjoy the authentic Valencian oranges from a company full of passion and tradition. We will continue to work every day with the same affection, patience and excitement as in the old times to offer the best of our land: our oranges.