Our kiwis come from the fields that the Peiró family has in the Valencian town of Rafelguaraf.

The skin is brown, with a more or less green background, covered with fine hairs. These hairs are quite abundant when they are in the tree, but most of them are removed when fitting them in the box. The meat is very juicy at maturity and with very good flavor, bright green color. It is the variety of kiwis with the best conservation in the fridge. The meat, firm until fully ripe, is bright green juicy and with tiny black seeds arranged around a whitish heart.

Only if you have bought an citrus-box, then you can choose the 1kg kiwis option for 6,65 €, which we would add into your citrus box (just 1kg per each box).

Transport costs included, if you add the 1kg kiwis to the citrus box.

  • €6.65