The blood orange is a variety of small orange with dark red meat, similar to raspberry juice. It belongs to the group of sweet oranges, but its size is smaller and its flavor is more acid than the common orange. Blood orange has the same properties as common orange, but its bittersweet taste and the different shades of the pulp make it very attractive to prepare jams and juices, as well as for baking. These characteristics make it an innovative ingredient in the kitchen.

Our bood-oranges are completely natural and fresh, are grown under the sunny and warm climate of Valencia, in Spain, the area most suitable for growing these fruits. They have not undergone any chemical process to preserve or color. We colect the fruits just the same day we send them to you. They are totally fresh.You can feel the freshness.

You can choose a 5kg, 10kg or 15kg blood-oranges box. Only if you have bought an citrus-box, then you can choose the 1kg blood oranges option for 4,65 €, which we would add into your citrus box.

When you add a second or third box to your shopping cart, you will receive €8,- discount per each additional box. This means that if you buy 6 boxes, you will get a discount of €40,- (almost) a free box! We invite you to try different combinations in your shopping cart. The discounts will be reflected automatically.

Not available (off-season)