Meet our fields

L'Hort de Montanya is a family farm located in sunny Valencia Ribera Baja and is located 12 kilometers off the coast of Valencia, Spain area ideal for growing oranges and citrus.

In our land we own a private well we use to irrigate our orange, allowing us to not depend on anyone and to irrigate the fields at the right time. In this way, we get the orange always have the amount of water needed at the right time and grow a fruit with excellent flavour and quality.

Serra Family take good care our citrus as if they were part of the family. Furthermore, in the area where our fields are located there is very favourable for the cultivation of oranges, tangerines and lemons microclimate, with mild temperatures in winter and warm in summer. Everything described above is allowing us to achieve excellent yields and prevent orange are affected by winter frost, thus achieving a high quality product and excellent flavour.