Homemade sangria with freshly picked oranges.  750 ml.

Ole & Ole and HappyOle are homemade sangrias, with 100% natural ingredients. Our recipe, based on the maceration of the fruit in wine, makes them unique and irresistible. Combining the natural and the artisan we elaborate both sangrias with great care, selecting the best ingredients and without using dyes or aromas. We use only natural ingredients.
Ole & Ole: Gourmet sangria made from red Tempranillo wine, fresh orange juice and freshly harvested lemons, cinnamon, sugar and liqueurs. 9,70€

HappyOle: Gourmet Sangria made with the most select varieties of white wine Macabeo and Moscatel, natural lemon juice and fruit, and sugar. 10,50€

750 ml bottle with reusable cap.

7.8% vol.

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  • €9.70
  • €10.50